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There is an initial consultation fee of $60 for half hour. The afore-mentioned initial consultation fee must be paid in advance and in Cash ( exact amount) before starting the consultation.

La consulta inicial tiene un costo de $60 por por media hora.  El pago de esta consulta inicial tiene que ser efectuado por adelantado y debe ser sometido en Efectivo en cambio exacto antes de comenzar la consulta.

Payment for Initial Consultation (In-Person) $60.00/ $65.00 if using Paypal.

Important notice: No attorney-client relationship shall exist between you and this office by virtue of the initial consultation, unless and until you formally retain our services pursuant to a written retainer agreement, signed by Marzán Immigration, P.A. There may be deadlines, due dates, court hearings, interview dates, etc., in connection with your case. However, the consultation and/or your submission of a completed questionnaire to Marzán Immigration, P.A. does not obligate our office to represent you, make any appearances, file any documents, or provide any legal services on your behalf

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